Tuesday, October 12, 2010


For so long (years), I've been wanting to and meaning to go to TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS.   For those of you who don't know (my faithful readers in India), this is a haunted house in a real (scary) abandoned prison in the city, Eastern State Pennitentary.
Saturday, I finally got to go.  And with the person I know who watches the most amount of Ghost-Hunters and other ghosty tv.  (So:  both the safest bet?).
ANYWAY:  got there, didn't have tickets (which I guess is a bad plan on a Saturday night), bought some from some scalpers, signed a release and went in.  All the employees, including the one who checks your purse for mace, are dresses as prison guard zombies.

There's a lot of little parts I could tell you about.  Outfits, makeup, scare tactics, spin rooms, 3d spots, screaming teenagers.
Instead, I'll say that Eastern State is pretty scary, and haunted houses are medium scary, but putting them together didn't really multiply the experience.  I'm really glad I saw it though.

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