Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Halloween costume ideas I had for Kelly and Greg as a team that they rejected
Mulder and Skully
Leo Johnson and Shelly
David Copperfield* and David Copperfield**
Seal and Heidi Klum
Josh Ballard and Roxy

I think they're still in the market for ideas if you have any.



Kamper said...

We didn't reject the third option yet, THANKS A LOT

ADeBru said...

Bert & Ernie

Meesh said...

DC and DC!!! that's a NOVEL idea! spellbinding!

pinchefresco said...

Save me some pie, Shelley.

Bangs said...

Meesh. You're amazing.

Roxanne said...

I'm really honored that "Josh & Roxy" was an idea.