Monday, July 19, 2010


Just so everyone knows, I'm not living for real at that fancy house I posted earlier.  That's where I've been dog/house-sitting.  No Libs.  It's been real, but that part is almost over.

In real life though, we are moving - leaving Oxford.  In slow motion.  This weekend, at real new house (which is on Lehigh, and if you can't quite figure it out, it's near Applebee's?  Does that help?), I scoped out new room.  It's at the tippity top of the house, it's pretty big, it's green, and it has this nook:

The nook is about a 30" cube, is pretty high up in the air (not super accessible) and has it's own outlet.  I'm really perplexed about what to do with it.  Ideas? 

I'm over tv (in fact it got curbed and re-homed a couple days ago), so, not super interested in a tv nook. Anyone have a brilliant idea?  So far, I like a tiny version of Philadelphia with a cat bed hidden inside so Matt leBlanc looks like a monster up there.   I'm not sure if he'll go someplace he's supposed to though - you know:  cats
Also taking ideas about colors...

A lot of other big plans for this house.  Whole new blog soon.


Amber Reeves said...

i lovelovelove the color! i also love scrapping the tv.

s. said...

i'm really into your fake city landscape bed for matt le blanc idea.


Bangs said...

Sorry Amber. Color is going. I like a light bedroom.

christophresh said...

you put the lava lamp there.