Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Texas, AC

It's been a while since I cringed and covered my eyes at a movie.  The Killer Inside Me was a great idea as far as getting into some air conditioning (seriously: freezing in there), but a bad idea as far as not watching girls get hit a lot.  Does that make sense?

Baby Affleck plays "Lou Ford" - this small-town sheriff who is just the scariest kind of psycho.  It was one of these crime to cover a crime to cover a crime things, and it was brutal.  Punch punch punch punch punch.  Aside from the whole brutal end of things though, it was kind of like a great episode of something on the biography channel, or First Person or something.  Like if the movie was the whole reenactment of the serial killer's kills, but the reenactment was great and not corny at all. 
There was an internal monologue, which can go either way, and is perhaps overused in the criminally-insane genre, but it was pretty okay  here - the Texas accent was almost too thick to handle but pretty convincing.  The sets and period clothes and everything were all pretty fun to watch too - it was like seeing what was going on in not NYC during Mad Men.

Ben read the book, and said he loved it.  That made sense.  So:  there's my least helpful review.  See it if you have the stomach for it.

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