Monday, July 12, 2010


Went computer shopping.   First I got talked out of buying the cheapest computer from Walmart - the "E(lectronic) Machine".
Instead I got the second low-est end model from Best Buy.  A laptop!  A Compaq, like college, guys!
So anyway, out with the old, right?
(disregard the following, someone is all over this)
I would love to not have this heavy machine in my life anymore - I can't think of a reason to have two computers.  Does anyone want to trade it for a case of fancy beer or something?  (Or, better yet: help moving?)

disclaimers: It's kind of dusty.   Also, I inherited it from a 7 year old 2 years ago, so I'm not really sure what all it's been through, but it works!  Has speakers/keyboard/mouse, and some sweet party mixes on iTunes*.  Not 100% sure what's up with the DVD player.

I have to try and take about a billion photographs off it (and save them someplace?) so I might need a few days before I'm ready to part ways.  But if you're interested, get in touch!

*can I save these?

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portableteejay said...

To save your playlists, right click on the playlist itself and hit Export. You save it in a couple of different formats.

Then to pull it back up in a different computer's iTunes, go File:Library:Import Playlist.

Just make sure that the music exists in the same directory/folder on the new machine or the playlist won't be able to pull up the songs.