Thursday, July 8, 2010

drugstore cowgirl

Oh really, People of Facebook?  You're hot?  No way.
Maybe you should follow suit and pizza party in the coldest place you can think of.

Today maybe a couple product reviews.  I'll be brief.  And know that these are unsponsored as can be (one of my least favorite things is blogs that try to sneak in innocent-type product placement but are for real getting checks from the man.  Not that I wouldn't accept checks from the man, but don't ever expect me to be clandestine about it.  Or anything, really.)

This Bandaid Stuff.

It is awesome.  It's something like between chapstick/deoderant dispenser, but dispenses something just as magical as the former(s).  Anti-friction barrier.  Twist it up, rub it on, and tada!  Invisible Bandaid.  Really good on shoes when they're rubbing on you the wrong way (because your feet are sweaty, and let's be honest, everyone's feet are sweaty lately).
[Girls: this is also super good when you're wearing the skirt and your legs are so sweaty, and things get a little chaffey.  Seriously.   It's too hot for leggings.  Also good if you're wearing a short skirt and your sweaty bare legs keep rubbing on your bike that too gross to talk about?  I'm mostly trying to say that this product is a Problem Solver].
Real name:  Band-Aid Friction Block.  About $6, from the pharmacy, tiny (like a box of floss?) and therefore portable.  Thumbs up.

Biore nose strips

I think we (at least the girls) remember high school, and seeing a billion ads of girls using pore strips and being so sicked out but impressed by the blackheads that came off some girl's nose.  Right?
So I decided to try them - the CVS brand, which is $2 less than the Real Deal.  It was just like the ad.  I don't feel like I have a super black-heady nose to start with, but just thought maybe I would be surprised.  So, you get your face wet, put this jawn on, wait for it to dry, then peel it off.   So many tiny black volcanoes are stuck to this thing after!  I couldn't even believe it!  It was like an underwater cave with a million stalagmites staring back at me.
But then, I tried it out again, maybe a week later, and....boring.   Nothing especially noteable came out of my nose - it seemed like I'd really solved the whole thing at one shot.  So maybe I'll save the rest and do it annually or something.

Real name: Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.  About $5-7 depending on brand loyalty.   A shrug, instead of thumbs up or down.

In other news, I pulled off my eyelashes (the extensions) while at Honeoye.  Already miss them, and might get them again soon, although perhaps in a less ostentatious length (so small, instead of medium).


pinchefresco said...

I always buy generic instead of brand name, but Biore strips are about five million times better than any generic brand, so I always buy them.


kamper part deux said...

"It was like an underwater cave with a million stalagmites staring back at me." - made me nauseous. thanks.

s. said...

i'm so intrigued by the ban-aid stuff and it possibilities for preventing my feet getting roughed up by my shoes.

and i know i already said it bu the fake eyelashes look So Good.


zerbipedia said...

totally got the bandaid stuff on your previous rec via email, but haven't tried it out yet.

I think you really need to at least TRY the large eyelashes. I mean you can always trim them down, right? I just really want to see what the "big dogs" look like.