Friday, July 16, 2010


Here's a peek into this house where I'm staying.  It's so so far from anything I'm used to.
Kind of the worst pictures (camera-phoney), but hopefully you get the idea.

The top picture is the chandelier over the tub, and the bottom picture should show the peacock ceiling mural?

Anyway, it's funny to live in a place where you're so surrounded by things that aren't your taste, you know?  It's not bad (and, the price is totally right) - but it's just kind of funny.  I guess it'd be like becoming someone's CraigsList roommate.  You wouldn't know what you'd be getting into, and then it seems like you'd just be living around their stuff all the time?

Speaking of CraigsL1ist.  We just bought a big table from guy in Media.  It all worked out, but wow.  People from CL are pretty consistently weirdos, huh?

Back at the farm (the Oxford farm, which isn't a farm at all):
No, you can't come swimming.  At least not today.  (Keep your eyes open for an invite though.  Your internet eyes.  It'll involve movies, sports, swimming and so many foods).


pinchefresco said...

That's totally my "taste" or lack thereof!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber Reeves said...

woah. i love everything about this post. first, are you living in grey gardens?? because that place is WILD. and is that kim's parents decor? or what's left from the previous owners? are you keeping it? wow.
also, count me in for pooling. i'm dying for it!