Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a little lupine

A lesson I learned this week regarding the body temperature of magical creatures:

I got a text from Marilyn, asking if I wanted to go to Eclipse with her.  I thought it meant a bar in Old City.
Twilight movie #3. (Teenage) vampires, werewolves.  No review for this - I don't think I'd convince fans it was dumb or haters that it wasn't.  There were a lot of funny parts.

This weekend was a new episode of TrueBlood*, with Southern vampires and werewolves.  (My favorite part of this season is the artwork on the set of the wolf club - take note of it if you can!)

Then yesterday, I started watching this show, the Gates?  Secret suburban vampires.  And werewolves (I think).  Some of them teenagers.  It was pretty bad, and I probably won't watch it again, because I obviously have enough fang-out in my life.

All this to say, I ended up a little confused about actual vampire lore because each imaginary world has their own peculiarities.  I learned one thing for sure:  werewolves are hot.  Not like "hott" (although sometimes),  but hot like really warm.  Wolf blood (or something).  Which is why they don't always wear shirts, and why girls sometimes like our lupine friends more than (cold) vampires.

* if I had to choose one set of undead to follow, it'd be Sookie and the gang for sure.


s. said...

i was at my friend's house watching true blood last night & we started talking about the same thing. mostly about how werewolves are always So Hot, and why?

also we watched 'the hand that rocks the cradle,' and it was incredible.


r___anderson said...

My favorite part of Twilight was the long shot of when the Hot Topics Mall Goth band, with way too many members, was about to battle against the three person Norwegian Black Metal band.
My least favorite part is when you almost see a Werewolf/Human/Vampire threesome, but then don't.