Wednesday, July 7, 2010

M-90 Shamalan

A bunch of us went to my family's place in Honeoye, NY for the weekend. Fourth of July!  Mostly it was great to have no agenda for days, other than grill some food and build a fire.  I'll put some pictures on the 'book.

Highlights tour
hotdog boats
2 nights of fireworks
grilled everything
sleeping outside
a white skunk (in a British accent)
playing cards on breezy days
funny tents
coming home in my new ride
and probably 100 other things.

The best/worst part was when Ryan threw his glasses into the fire, woke up and said "I threw my glasses into the fire".  Then told his mom "I or someone, knocked my glasses into the fire."


zerbipedia said...

I think that one of the highlights you didn't mention was eyelash extensions staying on even during boating/swimming.

r___anderson said...

sue, this is only fairly accurate. don't mention my mom on the internet--especially while you're calling me a fucking liar.


r___anderson said...
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