Wednesday, February 3, 2010


On Monday, Sarah and I went to the Post (our old "haunt"?) for enchiladas. I thought about how, once I start this "littlest loser" challenge, I'll probably have to cut out good things: like cheese, things that come in tortillas, chips that are made of tortillas, etc.
Bummer. I'll start with baby steps, like less cheese, maybe. And even that, not yet.

The point IS, we saw the new Almodovar - Broken Embraces.

It was a lot less fringe-sexy than most of his stuff that I've seen. One of those movies-about-making movies things, and (not a spoiler) the writer/director character is blind. So, of course, I spent much of the movie wondering what it would be like to be half blind, instead of half deaf.
Also, this guy behind us kept moaning (in the gross, not-in-public-please way) everytime P Cruz's boobs were on screen. We giggled like grossed-out eleven year olds.

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christophresh said...

WAIT you can see her BOOOOOOBS?!?!