Monday, February 8, 2010

weather overground

This morning, as I watched the third over-full-no-room-for-you train go by, I thought about the recent snow.
It's really pretty and everything, and there was the walk home from Olga's party Friday night, when it was just dumping snow all around, and it was late at night and pretty. That part is great.
BUT, here's some other Things About The Recent Snow (good things and bad things):
1. Kids here don't even play in it. We live next to a giant lot. There are kids on our street, on every street around us. This would be prime ground for building igloos, snowball fights, whatever. Maybe these kids just don't have snoveralls because they would only need them a couple times a year? Anyway - children of Philadelphia: you're bad at snow.
2. Know what else? Scooter transactions don't happen if it snows. I'm kind of in the "believe it when I see it" phase, but I might be getting a new, old, scooter, and it was supposed to happen this weekend.

3. Something I do like though, is when you've got a sidewalk that's pretty clear, and your boots crunch the salt? I mean, it's conflicting, because then all your shoes have salt stains on them, but the actual crunching is nice, because you know you're not going to fall, and it sounds great.
4. Taking the El someplace? Forget it. Figure it out Septa, please.
5. We hit South Philly on Saturday, Walmart was a shoveless zombie world, and the movies weren't even open (til 5)! So, we did go to the movies eventually, and saw Legion, which was so strangely terrible it's not even worth describing. Bad movies on snowdays feels okay though (see also Back to the Future II, and the Good Theif.)

If we have to keep getting snow, maybe it could come on a weekday this time? That would be funner in a different way, right?

p.s. I just saw that DD's is offering their 99c Latte. Everyone should have that, all the time.


s. said...

i just thought about kids playing in the snow in philadelphia, and then i got nervous that they'd bend down to make a snowball and end up with a handful of shattered glass or something.

pinchefresco said...

Yeah, I think those kids know that under the snow in that lot, there's still plenty of broken glass and used needles and condoms.

lady.shiv said...

Dunkin Donuts lattes are one of the most disgusting drinks I've ever imbibed. And I swear it's not just cause I'm a barrista.

Bangs said...

I know it's not a real latte, but I guess I like it in a different way? In the same way that I like both real and fake Mexican food.

Even if you don't like their lattes, don't you think they're better than their bagels (there)?

sarah said...

i hope if you come to south philadelphia again on a snow day, you call me to hang out!

christophresh said...

In front of Sue's House the other day, I saw kids playing in the snow.
So I was going to really laugh about this, at Sue.
Then Dad said Fuck at the kids, more than once, because they made him drop his cigarette.
So Sue wins.