Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been using my perpetual calendar that everyone (including NICK JAQUITH, who I failed to credit, so: learn about it everyone, and Nick, stop complaining) made. It's really nice/fun. If you're not using yours at work or home, you should. Then you can know what day it is.

Here's yesterday's, from Elizabeth. Pretend I posted it on the actual day. I was going to tell you about my favorites, but that's like half, so forget it.

And, in an effort to defy spring, I really really quit boots today.

Bare foot tops. It's in the forties! (Oh, a hundred colors, dress, jeans, houndstooth AND leopard? Yeah. One of those mornings.)

Tonight? Who knows. It's Making Time.

Reasons I don't want to go to Making Time:
It's cold(ish). That means you have to wear a coat. Then you have to either hide your coat, or check it. Pain.
It's ten dollars.
Drinks are either gross or expensive.
It's at Voyeur, which might seem fine to you, but isn't to me.

Reasons I might get talked into it:
I do like Andy.
Leslie is going, and that's different, and assumes a lot of other people I like are going.
This would really break up my lifestyle of "my house or other people's houses, every night".

So...we'll see. Like I said before, they do have nice posters.


sarah said...

i quit boots a few days ago but walking to/from work took me twice as long (ya know, dodging puddles and trying not to fall over - also, it snowed again) so i decided it was a boots lesson learned and put them back on.

r___anderson said...

i don't need to use the calendar because i have that dayoftheweekclock from airmall.

Bangs said...

Oh, SKYmall?

r___anderson said...


(and my 'word verification' is "repant")