Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This starts off about costumes, but ends with the Winter Games.

Yesterday I woke up with very clear ideas of my Halloween 2K10 ideas. Primary: zombie Louise Brookes. Backup: zombie Cleopatra.

I couldn't figure it out (why I was thinking about it as I slept/first thing in the morning), but then I realized I got/read a late night text about the undead playing pingpong at RUBA. There you go.

I've got an itch to make costumes, and soon, so I'm thinking about headdresses and springtime parties. The opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics (the First Nation-ers get a million points in my book, for all the dancing, and the outfits, and everything) has been pretty inspirational too*.

*the Olympics also put ideas in my head of dressing up as "one of those girls from the Olypics with headbands and the white puffy down comforter skirts". Every night we end up watching the Olympics, and every night there's yelling, like real sports.

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