Thursday, February 18, 2010

getting there

I'm over winter.

I secretly liked the blizzards as much as the next girl, but I can't wait for warm weather.
I'm tired of boots.
I miss riding my bike.
I want to ride my new Vespa to the thrift store every day.

Icy sidewalks are making the walk to work so irratating I can barely handle it, so I often end up taking Septa, where you just never know when they'll show up, what weird detour they're taking because there's still roads that aren't plowed, and you never know what will be on the seat next to you. Like razor blades.

(It's weird that no one wanted to sit there?)

I'm mostly excited for how nice everyone in Center City dresses, the first day they can. Really good outfits. And, speaking of outfits, has anyone ever done this "plan a week of wardrobe" thing? Where Sunday you'd pick out all your clothes for the week, in an effort to not do that morning-scramble thing, and so you don't end up wearing jeans, and so you use up all those clothes you don't end up wearing because they take too much planning*? I kind of want to do it, but I'm not sure how it would work...
It'd be kind of like menu planning, but for people who don't care about food that much.

Here's a picture of MLB, he's all (cat) elbows.

*it's probably the same girls doing their outfit planning that have really boring "This is what I wore today" blogs (that I sometimes get caught up in).


pinchefresco said...

Seriously, what's next, Jesus?

I wanna see you this weekend pleeeease!

christophresh said...

Andy- how is Jesus next? Don't get.

Sue- Eric always plans out his teaching outfits for the week. Actually, he may do it for a lot longer than a week, like 12 outfits at once (12/3 a week = 4 weeks).
He likes it.
I just try on 2-4 outfits before I leave the house. Like everyday.

Matt lB- Stop stripping with us.


Bangs said...

I am only finding boys that outfit plan so far. Not what I expected.