Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was going to write about food. By that I mean: I was going to start a side blog (a "slog"?) about the food I ate. It mostly stemmed from conversations (that I've only had with girls, coincidentally) about which frozen lunches are okay, and which are gross.

For instance:
Usually, when I'm at the supermarket, I buy a few frozen lunches. Because 1) one brand is usually on sale for around $2, which is $5 cheaper than buying lunch out probably and 2) this frozen meal is potentially healthier (and by that I mean less un-healthy?) than eating take out in Center City.
Anyway, there's a lot of brands. Most of them are pretty comparable, and have names with the word "Smart" or "Light" or "Easy" in them.
Then, there's Kashi.
Kashi meals are never on sale. They cost more than a gyro from the corner. They're mostly made of rice.
But they're supposed to be good for you (used loosely, of course), and medium tasty. So, I decided to go for it. I picked out one good looking one, just to try it - because if it was tons better than other crappy frozen lunches, it might be worth it.
Well, here:

All natural Southwest Style Chicken.
This is what you've got Kashi? I'd rather have some sort of fakesy panini with imaginary vegetables made on a revolutionary grilling tray.

Know what else wasn't good this week? Trader Joe's Chicken Vindaloo. It was very yellow though. Very yellow.

This side blog that won't exist was going to be called DoggieFood or something. But then I realized I don't even really like reading real food blogs, and one about fake food would be a pretty big waste of internet space.

Here's another fake entry from my fake new blog:
Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Marilyn made potato pancakes and beignets in the style of Gramma Liedke, and it was great. (Imagine pictures of all that here. Potato pancakes that got eaten faster than a smoke monster eats Mr. Echo, sour cream, and fried dough that left piles of powdered sugar all over the table). Bring on lent.


Bangs said...


Trader Joe's Chicken Burrito is SO GOOD.

josh ballard said...
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josh ballard said...

My first year at Purchase, I lived primarily on frozen foods from Trader Joes, including that vindaloo and massaman chicken. One of my roomates, ..Homer Steinweiss (drummer for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings) called it Massachusetts chicken. I can't remember if it was good or not.
Those Indian meals that come in boxes are usually good, especially the Jaipur vegetables and the spinach paneer. Also ..Masala burgers with the frozen naan.

Come to think of it, my roommates that year all had pretty good names: Jimmy Seitang, Julian Tavalin, and Michael Chance.

Bangs said...

do you think it might be time for your 2010 blog entry? I've been waiting.

pinchefresco said...

I keep running into friends and friends-of-friends whose blogs have pretty much just turned into pictures of what they ate that day, and guess what? Unless they're Anthony Bourdain, it's BORING.

carina romano said...

seriously josh, update that blog.