Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(online) shop girl

Yesterday, I spent the extra part of my tax return (extra = the part not used to PAY OFF MY CREDIT CARD)!

I ordered online, and have never really had good luck buying clothes online, so will probably end up returning them. Which is fine. It's mostly about the thrill of buying anyway, right? (Joking, but only kind of).

Probably most importantly is (another, better) new digital camera. Pink this time, and way on sale for V-day. I almost got orange, because those were the two options, and pink seems cliche, but orange was $2 more, so I went with pink. Almost makes it seem responsible, right?
Under $50, from That other one I got (last week!) was pretty bad, and is already returned. I'm going to be taking your picture SO SOON.

I also just found my Polaroid and a pack of unused film. It's like Christmas!


Bangs said...

Update: that camera came in LESS THAN 24 HOURS.

And I like it.

zerbipedia said...

That skirt in the upper left is from Urban, right? I think I have that.


Bangs said...

No. From a store much more targeted towards...12 year old girls?

Amber Reeves said...

i also bought a pink digicam on overstock for super cheap!

Anonymous said...

i can spot delia*s from a mile away.

Bangs said...

Puh-lease. Delias? No way. It's a forever 21/21 forever combo.