Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, it snowed last week, and made it the least appropriate time to blog. I was really busy watching Mad Men and movies, and tromping around, and occasionally fake-shoveling.
One day during this impromptu hiatus, I dropped Batman off for a playdate (at an olde city house with a pool, trampoline, rock climbing wall and elevator!?).

Then I went to South Street, where I found $40 on the ground and promptly spent half of that money on a pair of jeans at BareFeet. All this to say, jeans are alright, and go best with sneakers? So my life progressed in the past week from Girl Who Wears Skirts and Tights, to Sweatpants Girl, to Jeans and Sneakers Life. A medium (a balance?) has been reached.
What I started out saying though is that, although I took a quick break from blogging, loosely based on the weather, I plan on coming back today, full force. I'll innudate your internets with updates.

Oh, and LOST tonight. For all of you that don't watch, there's only like fifteen more times you'll ever have to hear that from anyone, so take heart.

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pinchefresco said...

This is funny because obviously, for the past ten years I've pretty much exclusively worn jeans and sneakers unless I had to wear something else, but recently I've been gearing up for a big shift away from it.

You and I are always ships in the night.