Monday, December 22, 2008

field guide

Today when I got home, Marilyn told me that Matt lB lost two nails. Into her leg. During a bath.
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He's still pretty standoffish.

Also, while on an early morning visit to Marshall's on Sunday AM, I got this awesome Deer Head for Keys for free, without stealing!
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No price tag, and company makes that comment about "Oh, must be free!" and pretty much was. The girl on a quest to figure out the price got tired of it, wrapped it up, and handed it to me. Happy Christmas!

Also, I'm taking great* pictures lately, huh?


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joshua said...

i think there's really something very interesting going in the blue and yellow one. the space is just so flat. it's like you've been informed by art prints/posters of some kind. i can't quite put my finger on it, but i'm trying to understand the relationship between the deer and the light switch. maybe this is about consumption. the disregard for nature, with the burning of fossil fuels to light your home and drive your scooter. a critique on culture. but seriously, in the real world deer are only good for hanging keys. keep up the great work.