Monday, December 15, 2008


You're probably all on pins and needles just wondering what could've been happening this weekend that was so exciting that I wasn't sitting at my computer blogging and trying to sink your (online) battleships.

You might have thought I was at the movies or something, but you were wrong.

WELL. There was the Chelsea/Blayer birthday party, which was all about super punk kids playing Wii, and cupcakes, and Crowleys
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and a nice dog, and a girl asleep on the floor, and a bonfire out back
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and leaving just in time to miss all the parts of parties that I should miss (really).

Sunday was "The Day We Took Our Handicapped Friend to the Mall"*,
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where we hated other drivers, came up with new myspace handles, got pushed around in wheelchairs, bought clothes designed for teenagers, and got asked out in the parking lot.

Later we took Marilyn to get a Christmas** tree - it's real and alive.

We managed to watch more Keiffer than you can imagine, and then today I learned all about "spywear", which I never really believed in but is real.

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*or, "The Gang takes Marickity Crickety Out in Public!", which does in fact elicit a number of sympathy-type moves from strangers, unless you're all laughing just tons, and then you get meaner "faker!" type looks...

**Speaking of JC's bday, we're hosting a brunch that morning, and you're invited!

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kamper part deux said...

that day can also be known as the day "we realized what Marilyn and Chris's relationship would be like in 30 years if they are still together and Marilyn is still a handicap."