Wednesday, December 10, 2008

no, not now

Andy sent a text message yesterday asking us all to get on twitter, cause he's so stoked on it.
I didn't know what Twitter was.
So today I did a little research, and it's all just updates on everything your Twitter friends are doing. I'm not on it, but I imagine it to be like this:
Andy is going to work(/school).
Marilyn is re-watching Arrested Development cause she's too broken to go anyplace.
Dan K is getting stoked for his show tonight.
Ben is sending text messages that just say DDDIIIICCCKKKKKSSSSS.
Nikki is working on her kitten farm.
Josh is trying to decide something.
Marilyn is saying something in Charlie-voice.
Charlie is saying something in Charlie-voice.
Andy got to work(/school).
Ryan just got injured :(
Fran is making a movie!
Sarah is playing D&D in Korea.
Melissa is shopping at Anthropologie.
Andy is checking his Twitter!
Conrad is sleeping forever.
Kelly is over temping.
People from high school are doing things I prob don't care about.
Chris D is teaching some people some things.
Marilyn is decorating for Christmas and playing with her kitten and watching tv!

I already know more than I need to from Facebook.
So, in the grand tradition of Things I've Turned Down But Later Joined*, Twitter - I turn you down.

*Friendster, Myspace, Myspace again, Facebook.


kamper part deux said...

seriously, with the exceptions of Stephen Colbert and a girl i used to work with, i don't need real time life updates. what happened to being content with facebook "what are you doing right now"?!!??

pinchefresco said...

I'm gonna tweet the hell out of your blog