Tuesday, December 30, 2008


TGN: I've got a lot of Wii in my system lately. Sunday I got so good at balancing that my Wii-age went from 39 to 22! I'm still bad at baseball, and tightrope walking, and very very bad at golf, but balancing! Posture! When I work on it, it's good.
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TBN: My Wii arm is a little sore, and (even worse!) Otolaryngologist confirmed tinnitus. Now I have more new pills to take, a hundred more appointments, and a brain MRI* coming up! Even with insurance, I'm getting really poor over medicine lately.
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Up & Coming: January. Quitting processed foods. You know, like cheese. I just want to be okay.

*they ask a lot of questions when scheduling your MRI. Any metal in your face? How much do you weigh? I guess that means it's one of those tube situations, like a CT scan? What do they do if you're too big?

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