Thursday, December 25, 2008

J's bday

Today is Christmas. Santa-Andy woke me up with his laryngitissy "Merry Christmas!". We all had breakfast and quizzo, and I forgot to make fried dough (sorry, maybe tomorrow am?), and we went to the movies!
First we went to see that one with Clint Eastwood as an old man that threatens to take on the local Latino gang. Good news? Maurice (the doorman at the Five) let us all in for free, for Christmas (cookies). The bad news is that every single seat was filled. Yikes.
So we went to see The Spirit at the Riverview instead, where we could NOT get free tickets, because it's a holiday, and things aren't free on holidays.
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I secretly kind of liked it (well, maybe not liked it, but it surpassed my expectations). Everyone else hated it, a lot. It was one of those movies where people in the audience were laughing as the villian gets punched in the face 17 times, and one of those movies where it's supposed to look all timelessy or forties or something but then every once in a while people have videophones or something, and the bad guys are (kind of) Nazis, and comic-y like where everyone has gimmick names like "Silken Floss" and "Sand Serif".
Before the movie (during the previews) Holly pointed out several movies that would be good date movies for me and Nick Filardi, who recently called me and left a drunk voicemail that if I ever wanted to go on a date, I should let him know. Like the remake of My Bloody Valentine, in 3D (!).

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reeves. said...

number one - SILKEN FLOSS.

number two - mos def take nick up on that offer!