Saturday, December 6, 2008

getting back in the game

of bikes and summer clothes and endless nights.
Last night was a lot of things. (Now my blog is just a mundane journal of Things I Did?)
First, a documentary called Goth Cruise. It's what you imagine - a documentary about goth kids ("kids" = they were kids in the 80's and are now much older than I am) who go on this annual goth cruise to Bermuda. Pretty good. It made me think a lot about Magic Cruise (which I don't think anyone is actually going on, and I'm not sure I'd be invited to anymore anyway) but Rob insisted they'd be nothing alike.
On the bike ride up to Fishtown I found out it was the wrong day to try out Winter Shorts. Brrr.
Anyway, went to a little party at Lauren's and got to see Jack.
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(It's really dumb that I can't turn that picture.)
People always talk about how big Matt leBlanc is, and I always tell them they don't know about Jack - he's a Big Guy. Anyway, I tried to hang out with him, but my arms got tired.
We went to Silk and Dave P tried to get us to dance to Arcade Fire or something. No dice. Went to Ruba for a while. Andy fell asleep. Ben put him in his car so we wouldn't get asked to leave. Andy came back later in the night. He fell asleep again.
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I think Kimmy fell asleep too, but that's kind of her thing.
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We all headed South and went to the Republican - you know, just me, Marilyn and the boys. The Republican had more girls with less clothes on, but was completely absent of the chips and salsa that the Russians and Ukrainians offered us.

One hundred things tonight too, so I'm planning on resting up all day (movies).
Also, today is that "art shop" thing that happens every year, but I think I'm not going. I'm too poor, and even if I wasn't I have a really hard time handling (non-existent, imaginary) pressure/guilt about not buying things from people I know.

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