Monday, December 1, 2008

a ticket, a mystery

This morning I went to go take care of a parking ticket. One that I got while serving jury duty (double bummer).
So, I went to the window and said to the girl, "last time I was here, I told the girl it was a scooter and I didn't have to see a judge or anything, it just got dismissed", and she tells me to fill out my paperwork and wait to hear my name called.
There's a hundred people in the room, so I'm planning on keeping waiting, and kind of sad I didn't bring Twilight (which by the way, I'm having kind of hard time getting through, even before I saw the movie) to read while waiting.
Moments later though, before I can even try to find a seat, they call my name and the girl tells me my information is "incomplete" so they're just going to dismiss this ticket, no big deal.
So she hands me this paper with all my violations ever in Philadelphia on it - and they're all "Perm Susp" except for one...on East Passyunk? The 1700 block? And it's been paid? And not so long ago that I wouldn't remember. I don't pay tickets. I also can't imagine ever parking on that block. The only thing that's in that hood that I care about is the Melrose, and they have their own lot?
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Anyway. I'm pretty sure someone found one of the sets of keys I've lost over the years, borrows scoot around 6:47 sometimes when I'm out of town, and drives to the "other side" of Broad. This thief must have a good heart though, because they paid my ticket. What more could I ask for?

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christophresh said...

"I don't pay tickets"
and I don't do windows.