Monday, December 1, 2008


We also went to the Philadelphia Brewing Company to learn about beer.
We got there a little early and tried all of their beers, then did the tour.

It was real sciency. We ate barley. Heard a lot of temperatures and ingredients.
Here's the parts I remember the most:
"How do you clean the barrels?"
"Oh, Josh slides in through that little opening and cleans them, then we help him out".
Glue guns. Someone assembles the boxes and on the bottom they're glued together (you a box). They have giant, industrial glue guns. I never knew such a thing existed.
They have the Walt Wit taps made by a guy in upstate NY who makes giant pencils for a living. So yes, they're real pencils. Three different times this came up.
They had three white vintage Christmas trees, and a lot of cats around.
That's pretty much it.

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