Thursday, December 11, 2008

candy canes and pom pom

(yesterday was kind of the best)

Dear Leslie,
Thanks for hosting. I had so much fun. I like your cat, and all his paws.
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Sorry I dropped the frosting knife/graham cracker crumbs/"snow" so many times and made that frosting handprint on your couch.
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It's also really good when you sing Lulu songs to us.
p.s. My gingerbread house seems to have absorbed the smells of your house and is making my house, in turn, smell like mulled cider and spiced rum and candy.

I hope we didn't blow up your chances - I don't remember exactly what we wrote to that boy, but I hope it works out.
Your advocates,
Girls Night

Juice rescue/delivery is one of my favorite late night activities. Keeping.
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So much pomegranate!
yr P.I.C.?

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