Monday, December 29, 2008

survey says?

First, I'm not even really sure where a girl can get a roll of double sided tape these days. Ideas?

Anyway, I'm on Myspace today, and reading one of these surveys that people do that I think are kind of dumb but I always read them anyway, especially when the poster tricks me into it with a misleading title. It's all about 2k8 vs 2k9, things you did, firsts, resolutions, places you went, things you want, etc.

I considered filling it out and posting it, kind of as a joke and kind of for real, but hating filling it out too much. Besides, all the things I want are real obvious like long hair and fixed teeth and people who bring puppies over and a Wii, and all the things I regret I'd rather forget than type a list of, and you already know all the other things I did.

So, no survey.

Instead, an invitation. You already know about it.
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Ice sculpture, champagne fountain, confetti cannons, tiny buttons, tiaras, a soundtrack featuring "The Final Countdown", people with digital cameras, girls in nice outfits and fancy shoes, drinks, party favors, a giant box of fireworks (thanks Moty), etc.

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