Friday, December 5, 2008


things I am good at
making pancake animals ("pancanimals")
getting things for free (scams, charmery, dumpsters, thievery,"the big store")
traveling alone
the game "Set"*
finishing crafts
throwing house parties
baby animals
watching movies/entire seasons of tv
going to school
concept months
organizing swaps

things I am medium at
other games involving circles on squares*
watching other people's pets
reading books
bike riding
making food
keeping in touch
picking out colors for rooms
naming pets

things I am bad at
communication/conflict resolution
spending lots of time alone
eating healthy food
sleeping in hot weather/places
asserting myself
washing/knowing what to do with my face
watching/knowing/caring about the news
family things
rinsing off the dishes
knowing where keys, wallet, telephone are
putting clothes away
closing cabinets and drawers all the way

*depending on opponents

1 comment:

awesome said...

on the lines of "closing cabinets and drawers" you should add the front door of y[our] house too. and somethings you forgot that you are really good at is falling on your face [heh!] and making people feel welcome when they come over. and dead pan. and birthdays. and surprises [remember when you told my boss to put me on the schedule but secretly you and wh were taking me on my first trip to nyc?] oh yeah, and remember how thompson couldn't come because his mom didn't trust our driving? [ie. not ivy league drivers]