Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2(k9) late

If you're still thinking about submitting 2k9 button ideas: YOU'RE TOO LATE.
Buttons are made, and they're awesome (thanks Ry!). Want one? Come to the party. Want an awesome one? Come to the party and BYO.
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Notice the very most visible button is misspelled - special collector's item, like a misprint in a first edition.

Also you've been clamoring for a picture of my haircut (Beta), here it is.
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Just kidding. But maybe I'll send you a real one, special delivery...

Also, my work computer broke broke (cause I downloaded a virus - who knew?!), so less blogging for a minute/I'll hit it all at once.
I spent a lot of time today with doctors because my face (where it's been all broken out? on my chin?) swelled up like I had just broken my my jaw or something. Everyone's all - did you fall? Are you sure? Did someone hit you? Have you seen a doctor about that? So, super swollen and I got talked into seeing my doctor.
The bad news? folliculitis - basically bacteria blowing up my face. They were surprised at how bad it is.
The good news? not that flesh eating virus from ANTM cycle 9, not oral herpes (one of the doctors sure thought so, for a minute), can be treated with pills, and explains that fever-y/shakes/chills night.
I'd post a picture of this*, but it's gross, and hopefully will be a little better by the time you see me.

Because I didn't have a computer at work today, I spent the time that I wasn't at Urban Outfitters, the doctor's, or getting scripts drawing pictures of us. As skeletons.

*I do have a picture, I took one of myself to make sure I wasn't making up swollen face. I wasn't.

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elizabethfrances said...

ha ha, not exactly the picture i was looking for !