Sunday, December 28, 2008

iso financiers

Last night before going to see this
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I got to meet Nikki's most recent at Pope. By the time I got there, they had already figured out a plan for me to blog my way to new teeth. Nikki knows her blogs, and this boy knows the nets, and here's the plan, as presented to me:
Get lots of traffic to your blog.
(No one reads my blog except my friends, who are poor).
Get a wider, more diverse audience.
(I can't, I only write boring movie reviews and post pictures of cats and things).
Write more interesting things than you write.
Post paypal link.
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He guarantees me that (worst) at least ten people will donate one dollar or (best) I'm going to get my teeth paid for like that boy who's car got flipped over at the World Series celebration who posted a blog about it and everyone chipped in and got him a new car.

Oh yeah, and he said I'll have to join Twitter for this to work I think.


nikkitoast said...

this is a good idea sue! See all the ok things that come from the internets. I'll donate my dollar later though. maybe 2k9ish.

Bravery Danger said...

It's brilliant. I'm donating as we speak.