Monday, December 22, 2008


things about my blog
1. Conrad told me he doesn't read it cause it's too wordy/too often*.
2. Chris D told me he doesn't read it because he's mad (mad jealous) that more people read my blog than his, which is weird/funny.
3. Sometimes I wonder if Andy feels sad or dissed that I branched off, and in a way, quit on Ten Funny Things. The point is, I kind of quit going out, and Funny Things quit happening to me, so I quit trying to manufacture them. Maybe come summer. Also Andy, good luck with resolutions - in general, count me in, or at least send an invite.

*and there's too many pictures of me drinking out of straws, I guess, and that's "cheating".


awesome said...

what are the resolutions?
no more breaking!

christophresh said...

Sue, you could have at least provided a link to MY BLOG.
here it is