Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last night I went to Making Time. At Transit.
It was pretty two thousand four, but with no Sarah or Melissa, and no Dane or Dan Platt, and no dancing, and no kissing. Back then I also had heard of the bands that played, and I think Making Time cost $8 or something -- last night, only $2*!
The best parts were that I came away with lots of money because of a mistake on the bartenders part, I didn't fall asleep in the basement, and we have a nearby HQ (thanks Chris). Oh, and that AMANDA went! We did a little MT-nostalgia tour. (I also got danced with by Olga, and I saw CVA separately in the same day - I'm used to seeing them together. Did they break up? Did I make that up? Invent it? Or did someone really tell me that?) Oh, and the bouncers, who always seem a little amused/confused by us.
The worst parts were that I didn't go home all day so was wearing rainboots and so much clothes, that they bolted shut secret bathroom, and the other people who weren't us who were there.

*probably it was only $2 to pre-compensate for the upcoing $25 New Year's Making Time. Come to our house instead.

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