Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days where the universe just threw a bunch of stuff I needed into my lap.  Here's a bad picture of HUNDREDS of babyfood jars, with lids, that someone dropped off at my house.

Next to that? A bag of more wine corks than I could ever ask for, from a newly discovered unending font of corks.  A cork-font.
Maybe this seems like a pile of trash and recycling to you, not to me.  This is the find of the month.  Both of these?  Going to make such good projects (someday), keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and that handsome model with the corks up there just got his summer haircut.  He also had his first SEPTA ride.  Very Exciting Day (for a cat).

(Here's a picture of him standing on the toilet.  Nice, right?  Notice there's tons of room on his neck for his new fancy gentleman's collar that should arrive any day now.)