Wednesday, April 11, 2012

moony, pt 100

So, I do it.  I "belong" to, and I've sold out my Facebook to them, and my credits just keep stacking up.  It's one of those websites where you have to sign up for it, and designy things are only for sale for a day or two, so you get pressured into buying stuff (at "discounted" prices).  And the fake money (as with real money) just burns a hole in my internet pocket.

With the $115 credits I've "earned" so far, I've ordered several notable things:
Today I got* this guy

a bowl, that's also the moon.  I don't know, it's kind of good, right?  And was free-ish**.  We'll see.

I also got this cardboard cat-scratcher bed that has been a big hit and I would recommend separately from, in case anyone was wondering.  Also free-ish.

In short, it's great because the way it's worked out, I get things I wouldn't normally buy, for free.  But their website is terrible because you can't search for something, and shipping is pretty pricey, and takes forever.  What a win/lose.  It's a win/lose I can't stop though.

Here's an invite if you want to try out this weird, slippery slope with me.

*by "got" I mean ordered, and I'll actually get it in about a month.  Seriously, slowest shipping ever with these guys.
**by "free-ish" I mean I didn't pay for the item at all, but shipping might be up to $5 which isn't unaffordable, but is decidedly not free.

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