Monday, April 2, 2012

taco soup

This is like a recipe (because people put recipes on the blogs, right?) that is a mix of some thing Paula Deen did, and some things some people at The Kitchn and some camping websites did, and some amount of choosing ingredients based on their names* and pricetags.

It goes like this: cook the onions in a dutch oven, and put all these ingredients right on top:
green chilis (I only used half a can)
diced tomatoes
diced tomatoes with chilis (I don't know)
pinto beans
black beans
great northern beans
taco seasoning
onions (I don't know what color to get? That's unknowable!)
So that takes like...10min?  I don't know, it's mostly a lot of opening cans, which is very interesting to some cats.  Then you just let it sit on the stove for forever.  (At some point add taco meat that Dave prepared totally separately at his own home). Serve over/with:
"Mexican" cheese
sour cream
Totally great.  Best part, it fits in with my new Cheapskate Lifestyle.  Was about $15, and made at least that many servings.  Super healthy too**!

* "Great Nothern" beans.   Ha.
** jokes!

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