Monday, April 9, 2012

AT Small Cool

Oh hey guys, saw this tonight!  My house (well really, my hand-drawn floor plan and not-the-best pictures) made the cut for Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest this year.  I don't think I'll really be in the running for any kind of grand prize action (I think you need one million Twitter followers for that?) but it's still be nice if you could "favorite" my house.   Yeah?

Do it.  Just hit favorite.  It'll make me feel better about when someone in the comments eventually gets snarky.


zerbipedia said...

nice job sue! the pictures came out so great.

elizabethfrances said...


Luna said...

Wow! Just, Wow! I loved your use of the space and I can't imagine being in a trinity-style home. Never even heard of it until this post.

I'm sorry I missed the voting stage though. But the commenters were mostly positive unlike some others I read.