Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm trying (again) to have large, healthy plants.  I think I did it right this time, too - received and considered actual recommendations, planted them so they won't drown in their own gross water, and am trying to open the curtains and get them any tiny amount of sun they can suck up.

So, there's one big guy, one medium guy, and a whole bunch of tiny guys on the window sill, hoping to not get MLB'd.  The tiny succulents fit perfectly in all these tiny pots I made lately, which finally pushed the pots into the realm of Usable Objects, which is great.

One step closer to the Rosseau Jungle bathroom of my dreams (which is really just an effort to disguise Litter Box Nook).   Maybe one good hanging plant to complete the ensemble - I could probably work out (keep a live) a spider plant, right?

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Luna said...

your little pots are lovely. earthy and rustic. perfect for succulents.