Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Some people may remember a couple years ago, when I had this big plan about growing an avocado tree.  (Or, more likely, an avocado plant).  It's pretty fun to do, and was (after many months) growing successful leaves and roots and everything, UNTIL RATS CAME AND AT THE WHOLE THING (c. Oxford, 2010).  I wish I could find some pictures of the sad, gnawed up mess that was, but it's just as well that I can't.

Now that I'm in a new (ratless) spot, I've decided to try again (although I will be battling a perhaps equal problem of limited sunlight).  Saved one pit from this week long guacamole fest, and am going to try it out again.  Blanc is helping me keep an eye on it.

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Luna said...

good luck with the avocado.