Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Labor Memorial Day is fast approaching, summer is getting crucial.  You might have noticed a link up under the search bar called Will Smith's Agenda.  It's a list of good, free or cheap, summery things to do in the city. I'll keep it on the burner 'til actual Labor Day.

If you have a awesome (or even medium) thing that might be good, you should add it, or get at me to add it. Looking for things like serious block parties, outside movies, neighborhood festivals, air conditioned events, etc. (No personal invites, brunches, trips. This is a public calendar, team.)

Check back/txt your pals/make planz.

Some logistics
  * need to add something?  I can do it for you, or can set you up to be able to do it, or leave it in a comment and I'll hook it up.
  * if it's annoying because this calendar somehow gets mixed up with your own Google calendar, it's an easy fix - just click the green box next to "Will Smith's Agenda" (on your own calendar page), and it'll be hidden from view.

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