Monday, September 20, 2010


We had a little birthday dinner for M last night.  No big deal, except for the foods people made, which were a big deal (thanks).

Now, some things about helium:
Hot air balloons Blimps.   Apparently *not* filled with helium.  It went like this:
   "Hey, what was inside the Hindenburg?"
   "Not helium."
No one knew the answer, but I guess nobody cared enough to whip out their fancy phones to look it up.  It's hydrogen, guys (in case it ever comes up in Jeopardy).

Next:  it would take SO MANY balloons to Up a cat.  We kind of gave it a try at the end of the night.

 Finally, a picture of a popped balloon based band that JB and Chelsea started.


r___anderson said...

too bad i wasn't there. i could have told you the hydrogen part.

josh ballard said...

i did say the hydrogen part and no one believed me. for obvious reasons.

pinchefresco said...

Are they really starting a fashion blog?

r___anderson said...

josh, no one will every believe anything you say, unless you believe it yourself.