Thursday, September 2, 2010

clove don't (clon't)

I like to keep about 15 peppermint Burt's Bees lip balms around.  I switched out all petroleum chapstick last winter, and instead got real hooked on the good kind.

So then last week I couldn't find any in my purse, and I was at Target, so I went to get some more.  They didn't have my kind.  I tried out two new ones (the only two kinds they had) which turned out to be pomegranate (fine) and cloves (gross).  I used it and it was so so sick.  Not like being in a closed room when someone smokes cloves.  Not even like kissing someone who just smoked one.  Like putting a clove cigarette in your mouth, and chewing it up.

Do not like.  Thanks, but no thanks, Burt.


s. said...

write a letter!

zerbipedia said...

glad to hear you're off the petroleum-based lip balm; that stuff is drying.

Amber Reeves said...

i went to cvs for the sole purpose of hunting down clove burt's bees and they ONLY had pomegranite!

Bangs said...

HZ: it was on your suggestion that I quit.

Amber: good luck. Sorry I threw mine away in disgust.

Burt: get it together.

pinchefresco said...

I was at a creepy bar last night, but they were giving away awesome lemon drop lip balms: one end is sour and the other end is sweet. Total score.