Tuesday, June 8, 2010

splicer dicer

So, we saw SPLICE on Sunday.  It was definitely one of those So Bad It's Good things...

Maybe (but probably not) it was examining the morality involved in messing around with human DNA, and maybe it was examining nuclear familial problems in contemporary society, but mostly it was "look at that weird human-but-not-quite" eye candy.  If the candy is the kind you don't really like, but will eat anyway.

Instead of doing a real review, I'll give you one spoiler (someone gets pregnant with something that's not quite human in the end), and some possible names of sequels (only two, and both based on the popular girl's group):
Splice Girls
Baby Spice

Also, the thing's name is Dren.  You know, Nerd backwards.  Really.


sarah said...

i thought it was 'baby splice'

Bangs said...

Ok. I made a mistake. Add that "L".