Wednesday, October 14, 2009

walls and floors

of new house.
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It'll never end I think (and our deposit is daily shrinking).
Next up is Beetlejuice floors, iShark, bonus refrigerators.


kamper part deux said...

you did more with your house in a couple of months than i have done in a year. good going.

christophresh said...

I understand bonus fridges.
Not the rest, though, not so much.


sarah said...

your house is a scrapbook.

bannedinPA said...

do not forget deven/gallman wall!

Drum said...

looks really good. i might have to commission you

Anonymous said...

Hello. How did you make the black and white wallpaper? I love it! I couldn't find a link or patter on your blog. Please let me know. Thanks.

Bangs said...

Amorea -
didn't make the black and white damask. Bought it here:
It's pretty cheap.