Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today I met with my dentist. Yes, the one that said he's grown "very attached" to my teeth. I got a treatment plan. In a year, when you see me, I'll have all my teeth (hopefully/probably).
I got to watch a powerpoint about the plan. A lot of "before" (current) pictures, and oh, for the hopeful outcome? A picture of Jennifer Gardner. Probably that's going to happen.
Next week I meet the guy who'll do my (dental) implants. Part of this procedure will be a sinus lift (?!) and some bone grafting.
"What kind of bone do they use?"
"Either from your hip, from a cow or pig, or from a cadaver". NBD.


lana bear said...

shit man! your stories are insane. i love it.

sarah said...

i will call you hipface, cowface, pigface, or deadface depending. be sure and let me know. any which way i love you!