Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some reflections after many days as a surrogate Stay at Home Mom
Wed night-Sunday night, I was babysitting. One long shot. Here's my take:

Over all, it's not a bad job. Sure, I had to get up early (6:30?!) and make breakfast (cold cereal) and get them ready for school, but after they got picked up? I had the whole day to myself. Except for the day when the maid came, and I felt uncomfortable, and walked to Target. But usually a surprisingly good amount of sleeping in, lounging around, watching Weeds, Dexter, Sunny.
I learned that if your only friends are 4 and 8, you can go to bed super early and not worry that you're missing anything more fun someplace else.
We also experienced a lot of wildlife. Some very lethargic wasps at their house, a dying rat at my house. I learned a lot of facts about both animals "wasps have a stinger on their forehead and on their butt" and "that rat has a snake tail". Oh.
The main lesson I learned is that I'd pretty much only want to do it with an unlimited budget, all the shopping and cleaning already done for me, and only if I'm getting paid. That being said, it was kind of a nice break from real life and late nights and everything.

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Megan Rye said...

The girls idolize u tho and have many hearts waiting for you at all times :)