Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Phillies fever (phever?) is happening and people keep talking about Ryan Howard.
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And every time, I think they're talking about him.


lover mother said...

saw you on design sponge- so awesome!!! i am i nthe market for some wallpaper for a little chunk in my living room. how hard of a project is the tiger thing, and would you be interested in working on a commission thing?

Bangs said...

Lois -
it's totally not hard, just a little time consuming (all the cutting and pasting).
I could give you some more tips etc. if you need, or would also do a commission - that'd be kind of fun! Think about what you might want to do, and we can talk about it. We've practically got a whole zoo of different animals (just in b&w) going up our staircase too.