Friday, October 2, 2009

spilling whole drinks

This is a big week for "studio parties". Everyone should take a cue from Goat and have waiters serving us drink! And more cheese and vegetables than we can handle, and so much candy that Kimmy needed to put some in her purse.
Anyway. Good job Dan Goat, and nice space and everything.
Later, we watched James Bond go into space? Jaws too? Who knew.
More tonight, we'll see how you do. Bar's been set.

When you move, there's usually some sort of weird deposit issues, which usually don't figure favorably in my pleasure to pain ratio, so it's something I'd just rather not deal with.
So then yesterday, my old landlord called, and wanted to know, "I'm not totally sure if you guys paid deposit, or how much it was, so, just call me back and let me know if/how much I should send you. Also, maybe you should move back to South Philly!"
So...maybe I'm getting some deposit back, and it seems like I get to name the number.

In other news, I got this cold, but it's only on half my face - thanks Acoustic Neuroma. Other medical(kind of) stuff too: approved for all dental work (timeline coming soon). So many more surgeries and stuff too. But then I'll have teeth. Like Jaws. From MoonRaker. See?

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r___anderson said...

Your Pleasure to Pain Ratio, must be a different one than i am used to--the Secchiaroli Pleasure to Pain Ratio developed by Mr Joey Secchiaroli.
His equation determines food intake: When the pleasure of eating is eclipsed by the pain of how much food you are eating, it is time to stop eating. It's science.