Monday, October 5, 2009


Made a new tiger wall.
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Printed out tigers, flowers, cut them out.
Started sticking them to the wall with aerosol starch (which fyi is totally removable, but sticks like glue). Got in trouble for trying to wing the geometry part*, then it was rulers and straight lines and tall people helping.
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Then put lots and lots of them up. Then even more flowers. There's orange scraps of paper all over the house, but I like it.
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(tiger face)
I have other ideas, for other walls (airplanes? bicycles?) but we're running out (of walls), kind of fast.
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*this is why I'm nervous about this GRE thing.


lady.shiv said...

That looks awesome. I'm really impressed/jealous!

Kamper said...

I'm sorry I made you feel bad about geometry

elizabethfrances said...

good job.

christophresh said...

you could put repeating pictures of me on the wall


davidkmercier said...

That is awesome. I am totally going to try a similar project!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love this idea, it looks great.

I know it is removable without damaging the walls but does it damage the image itself? For example on posters that I may want to move in the future?

Bangs said...

Julie -
I think it might be hard to remove a whole poster with out damaging it. At least around the edges. It'll also make the paper itself very stiff, so it probably wouldn't transport well in the future.

Malia said...

How did you get the paper to stick? Mine keeps peeling off the wall as it dries. It's driving me nuts! I've tried a regular starch, a heavy one and a light one. None of it works.

Marilena said...

I cannot get my paper to stick. Any tips on applying the starch to the paper and/or applying the starched paper to the walls? Thanks :)