Monday, August 17, 2009


T and Maryanne's wedding party. There was a lot of tiny cats as decor, the littlest cheeseburgers you've ever seen (really - slider:regular burger, these cheeseburgers:sliders), and I got to go in the photobooth at least ten times.
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I didn't spill anything in white room, and if I did, the lights were low enough not to notice.

Dear Everyone,
When you get married, the party is the fun part. Work on it. Nobody except your mom cares that much about the ceremony. For examples/inspiration, see: Melissa and Dave's 1920's party, Elizabeth and Fred's costume party reception, and this one in New York.
your friends.

New York city was also failed reunions (sorry Greg) and the flea market, and so so hot.

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elizabethfrances said...

I knew it !
A photobooth how fun.