Thursday, August 27, 2009

on two wheeled transport

I think if you ride a bike, you're supposed to feel this allegiance or solidarity or whatever with people who are like you: Bike Riders. But I'm bad at it, and end up unitentionally excusively liking people with regular bikes. I feel nothing towards bike messengers, delivery boys, or pseudo commuters with their weird folding bikes. I actually get kind of annoyed with them, for no reason.

Similarly, I think I'm supposed to feel this same one-ness with all scooter drivers, but have a big aversion to new Vespa owners. Like, you had the choice of every kind of scooter in the world pretty much (at that price point you do anyway)and you picked that? Pretty much anything else is fine.

It doesn't make sense and makes me wonder if I hate everyone. I don't think I do, but these are the dumbest reasons for dis-like and I wish I knew what was behind them.

Also dislike until won over: boys with drama haircuts, customer service, American Apparel employees, girls, etc.

On the other hand, inclined to like: siblings, maintenance workers, people with dogs.

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